KDE Connect – New Stuff II

It’s time for another feature update for KDE Connect!

You can now run commands on connected devices from the Plasmoid.

The Dolphin context menu entry for sending files to a connected device has been dropped in favour of a Purpose plugin, which groups nicely with other Share features and supports more apps such as Okular and Spectacle.

Albert Vaka added a presentation mode to Android which allows you to control slideshows from your phone. Aleix Pol added the same to the Kirigami app.


As I’ve mentioned before it is quite hard to find the settings where you can define your commands for the Run Command feature.  The command list on Android now has a button that opens the appropriate settings on the desktop. Ivan Čukić added a few useful command suggestions to the menu.

Friedrich Kossebau added support for a “Find my PC” plugin. You might wonder now how often he loses his PC, but it also helps finding other devices that run the C++ version of KDE Connect, such as Plasma Mobile and SailfishOS devices. I added support for triggering it on the Android side.

Following a request on Reddit I added a dedicated Stop button to the media controller.

Chansol Yang made sure that the pointer speed when controlling the mouse from the phone is the same across Android devices with various DPIs.

Philip Cohn-Cort added the much requested dark theme option to Android.


You can now use special URLs to trigger commands on connected devices. The urls have the form kdeconnect://runcommand/<deviceid>/<commandid>. As those are quite complex I added a helper for it. You can copy an URL to the clipboard by long-pressing a command in the command list. You can write those URLs into a NFC tag to trigger the command when your phone reads the tag or use it to integrate with services such as Tasker.

The system volume patches have been merged. To make use of it you will need the latest KDE Connect from master for Desktop and Android and pulseaudio-qt installed. You can get pulseaudio-qt from git. We will to an initial 0.1 release soon and hope that distros will ship it soon.

Besides these features we also fixed some bugs and polished the UI a little.

Bluetooth support is progressing slowly. Matthijs Tijnk and Qt 5.11 fixed some issues. However, it is still not ready for the public.

We also improved our device support:

Aleix and I improved the Kirigami app. We improved the basic pairing workflow and  you can now run commands and control media sessions.

Bart Ribbers fixed an issue that was blocking KDE Connect from building it for postmarketOS. I hope to see KDE Connect there as well!

Adam Pigg made a huge step towards bringing KDE Connect to Sailfish OS.

We like to see KDE Connect on as many platforms as possible, and we need your help for it! Our workboard contains lots of ideas for new people to get started. You can ask for any assistance in our Telegram group.

Thanks to all contributors!

21 thoughts on “KDE Connect – New Stuff II

  1. Looks like an awesome update!

    Any chance that it will support reverse scrolling? It feels more natural, especially when using a phone to scroll.

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  2. I love that kdeconnect is improving all the time.
    I’m still waiting for the SMS integration like via pushbullet when we can browse all SMSes, answer them, add new ones by choosing numbers from the contacts, ect. In other words, I am hoping to have it all in kdeconnect so I could drop pushbullet ;P.

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  3. Thank you SO much for this work. Especially to Albert Vaka for the Presentation mode; being able to switch slides with volume keys is exactly what I’ve been hoping for.
    In that matter, I’ve got 2 questions:
    1_ After locking my phone when in presentation mode, can I unlock it with just pressing the lock/power button? That is, I’d like to skip the screen lock. I think this would work well with the next feature:
    2_ Can I use remote input when in presentation mode? Just the mouse pointer, I don’t care about scrolling nor using the keyboard. It might be necessary to lower the next/previous buttons to have a good area to do this.

    I think that if these 2 features were available, presentation mode would be complete. One could switch back/forth and use the mouse pointer to draw attention to some object in the slide. I believe that’s all one would want to do during a presentation. Although, now that I think of it, a nice horizontal scrolling bar to quickly jump between slides would be nice. It’s quite common to finish a presentation and then get questions about your 2nd slide.

    Again, as someone incapable of programming this kind of stuff I thank you very much. Device integration is paramount and Connect can became a KDE killer feature. I’m already dropping some Apple fanboys jaws with it. I can’t wait to get the update and switch slides with my hands in my pockets leaving everyone wondering how I’m doing it.

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  4. Thank you for your contributions to this awesome project!
    As you stated the project’s desire to support as many platforms as possible, I felt free to open a bug for porting kdeconnect to Amazon’s Fire TV platform. I believe the inclusion of a TV platform would be incredibly useful, as pointed out in the bug report:


  5. I love this project to death, but I just wish that it moved away from cgit into something more friendly and modern like GitLab to help onboarding. I typically avoid getting involved in any project using cgit.


  6. Thanks for working on KDE Connect. One thing I failed to figure out yesterday is how to paste a URL (that I had in my phone’s clipboard) to the desktop, so I can open it there. Is that possible, and if so, could it be made more discoverable? I feel like with all of those fancy controls available, I must be missing something because clearly something basic like transferring plaintext would likely be possible somehow.


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