KDE Connect on IRC and Matrix.org

Since a few months KDE Connect has a Telegram group to discuss development. Since the over 100 people joined. I did not expect such an interest in it. Few people asked to have this group bridged to an IRC channel since they prefer IRC over Telegram. I’m happy to announce that we finally made this happen. Let’s celebrate the birth of #kdeconnect on Freenode. You can also access it from matrix.org (#freenode_#kdeconnect:matrix.org).

The rest is up to you! If you are interested in contributing to KDE Connect go and share your ideas with us and ask any question you have!

4 thoughts on “KDE Connect on IRC and Matrix.org

    1. The IRC bridge is maintained by the KDE sysadmins. I don’t know if they have the knowledge/infrastructure to maintain a XMPP bridge, and since this is a rather niche use-case I don’t think we will. Sorry

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  1. Much appreciated, thanks! Silos are bad =)

    P.S.- Bridging to a Jabber/XMPP room, on conference.kdetalk.net for instance, would be *really* great. Sadly, XMPP is often ignored.


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